La Finestra
La Finestra
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La Finestra

The recently opened La Finestra, an Italian restaurant in the heart of the city. Located on Avenida Conde Valbom, 52, with the right to park nearby and the Magnetic Lounge nearby for drinks later, it is a lovely location for a good will. With style very colorful and modern, with very straight lines and minimalist. A completely fancy and new-agers. You can see the kitchen, behind a glass semi-matte.

The restaurant is ideal to go with friends, eat the best pizza in town and have a good time.r friends, eat the best pizza in town and have a good time.








Capacity: 60 seats


Tiem table: From 12h00 to 15h30 and from 19h00 to 01h00


Closing day: Always open


Environment: Informal


Reservations required: Advised


Parking: Facilitated


Payment methods: All




Cozinha Italiana




Avenida Conde Valbom 52, 1050-069 Lisboa

Phone: +351 217 613 580
Dylan La Finestra is a nicely polished Italian restaurant serving really solid food without being overly posh or bargain basement takeaway. I went rogue and ordered pasta instead of their known pizza and was very pleased with their execution. I also had a very nice, simple, salad that was perfectly seasoned. Friendly staff and cool modern decor. Would go again no doubt.
line Joana Almeida A pizza que a La Finestra tem é realmente muito boa! A relação qualidade/preço também é bastante satisfatória. O ambiente é bastante moderno.
line John When Lucca became one of Lisbon's most popular pizzerias, it had to open a second space. It was named La Finestra but is also located in the Avenidas Novas district. The same excellent thin-crust pizzas are served here in a very welcoming and relaxed dining area.
line Luana Ribeiro Muito alegre, muito colorido, muito giro! As pizzas, as Massas, as Entradinhas são deliciosas.
line Júlio Loís Maravilhosa esta casa, um mimo em Lisboa. A cozinha Italiana está belissimamente representada. Recomendo vivamente.
line Jerónimo Martins Muito bom, a melhor Pizzaria de Lisboa! Um Bem Haja!
line Pedro Pastas e Lasagnas deliciosas! Eu e os meus colegas ficamos agradavelmente surpresos com o preço, nada caro para o tipo de Restaurante.
line Maria Ana O espaço é muito giro, as cores quentes, a decoração moderna. O ambiente é acolhedor, familiar, gostei mesmo muito das Pizzas. Obrigada pela «dica».
line Verónica Silva Garantidamente as melhores Pizzas de Lisboa, somando o facto de terem uns preços muito aceitáveis para a qualidade de serviço que prestam.
line Matt Can highly recommend La Finestra, after several bad dining experiences in the area we stumbled accross this restaurant, me and my partner both had Pizza and it was delicious, fresh ingredients and great service. It was also great value.

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